Let Us Elaborate


Gift Cards

All Treatments can be purchased as Gift Cards. Feel free to combine our different treatments for a full experience e.g. Hot Towel Shave + Signature Hair Cut.

Buy Gift Cards for all treatments here


The Silent Treatment

We love a chat but if you are not in the mood, we won’t start a conversation. The Silent Treatment can be added to all services and is free of charge!

The Silent Treatment is by default added to all Hangover Treatments, but if you're in the mood for talking, please don't hesitate to share whatever mischiefs you've been up to during the night.



All services starts with a Consultation. We ask the questions or answer them if you might have any. Your barber will guide your through the possibilities and together you'll come to an agreement. The benefits of using the same barber over time are many, one of them is that we can make plans for the future of your hair and beard. This could for example be if you want to grow your hair long for a certain hairstyle, that needs adapting over time.


Hair Wash

All haircuts at Henri includes a Hair wash or two (excluding Buzzcut). We use a sulphate-free, paraben-free shampoo from Lernberger Stafsing that gently cleanses hair and stimulates scalp. 

For sensitive scalps and dandruff cases we use special products.


Hot Towels

Hot Towels are a mandatory mean in in all our treatments. We heat moistened towels in hot ovens with Ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilizing features, to kill or inactivate microorganisms.

Hot Towels soothes the skin, softens your beard / facial hair and open the pores. Our treatment with hot towels gives a better, tighter result when shaving and lower the chances for red and irritated skin. 


Hair Loss / Thin Hair

Most men will become acquainted with hair loss at some point in their life. Some just have thin hair. Both cases needs attention. Bad news is, that nothing will make your hair grow back. But being pre-emptive can 'stop the bleeding'. 

Come by our store if you have questions about your hair loss / thin hair, and we might be able to help!


High Quality Products

We are in constant search of the perfect grooming products to meet all needs of our clientele. We strive to use Organic Products, with natural ingredients for both your sake and for the environment. 

We stock a range om high-end brands for hair, face and body in our store and will happily share our knowledge and experience on the products with you.